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In this category you will find various rree and reasonably priced programs useful for translators.

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file icon WinLexichot!Tooltip 06/25/2009 Hits: 1228
Sophisticated software by Advanced International Translations, it is an advanced GUI to Microsoft Glossaries. This program facilitates using huge Microsoft's glossaries containing translation of all programs written by Microsoft. Great help to averyone who translates software especially software for Windows. Offers 30 day trial.
file icon Omega Thot!Tooltip 07/08/2009 Hits: 922

Omega T is a free translation memory tool.

You can check impressive list of features on its website.


file icon F4 Audiohot!Tooltip 07/08/2009 Hits: 1816

Free and good transcription software - it may be used to transcribe audio data such as interviews or dictation.

 It is free but you need to request download link.

file icon Express Scribehot!Tooltip 07/08/2009 Hits: 642
Express Scribe is free professional audio player software for PC, Mac or Linux designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings.It may be used with a foot pedal.
file icon ExactSpenthot!Tooltip 06/25/2009 Hits: 1180
Exact Spent is a user friendly program which calculates the exact time you spent on particular job. For undecided 30 day trial!
file icon Cats Cradlehot!Tooltip 07/08/2009 Hits: 1067
Shareware (free to test for 30 days) simple and efficient tool for translation for website translation.
file icon Anymemhot!Tooltip 08/24/2009 Hits: 1240


Created by AIT program AnyMem is a user-friendly translation memory software. It allows to AnyMem is compact, stable, easy to learn and use. Its engine fully supports Unicode and can work with any language pair without the need of external components, like .NET Framework or Java Virtual Machine, commonly required by other translation memory software.

Some of its features include:

  •  Translation memory is stored in a single file
  • It allows to export translation memory to TMX
  • It allows to import translation memory from TMX or MS Word files
  • It allows to perform CAT analyzis of  a text
You may find full description of the program on the website of  AIT
file icon AnyLexichot!Tooltip 08/24/2009 Hits: 1137


AnyLexic is Terminology Management Software designed to manage terminology dictionaries in a reliable and convenient way: all the terminology is stored in one database. Using AnyLexic you will keep terminology consistency while working under one project with your colleges by dictionary exchanging.

 It is a perfect tool for someone who wants to use and manage multiple glossaries.

file icon Anaphraseus hot!Tooltip 07/08/2009 Hits: 944
Anaphraseus is an macro set available as an extension or a standalone document.
It is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool for creating, managing and using bilingual Translation Memories in any languages.
Originally, Anaphraseus was developed to work with the Wordfast Translation Memory format, but it can also export/import files in the Unicode UTF-16 Translation Memory Exchange (TMX) format.
file icon Acrolexichot!Tooltip 06/25/2009 Hits: 1246
Not free but at €29.00 certainly affordable monolingual dictionary containing more than 70,000 terms with more than 150,000 definitions. If you want to make your mind as to how useful it is going to be - take advantage of 30 day trial period.