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Being able to find previous projects and translations is crucial for translators. Frequently we remember that a word or phrase occurred in a document previously translated and it would be enough to find it to solve the problem. All you need is a program which could help to find that document which is somewhere there on your computer. In this category you will find several programs which may be used for this purpose.

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file icon Google Desktophot!Tooltip 07/12/2009 Hits: 968
Google Desktop, allows to search files stored on your computers as well as emails in your Gmail account. This product also finds information in your search history.
file icon Exalead Desktop searchhot!Tooltip 07/12/2009 Hits: 560

Exalead Desktop search gives you instant access to all content on your desktop, connected peripherals (USB keys, external drives) and shared sources.

If offers friendly interface and allows to perform search not only on your computer but also allows to search Wikipedia and other resources.

It is freeware, program requires registration

file icon Copernichot!Tooltip 07/12/2009 Hits: 562
Copernic Desktop Search allows to instantly search files, e-mails, and e-mail attachments stored anywhere on your PC's hard drive. It allows to search text in MS Office documents, you can also define specific file types you want to add to the search.