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Services for law offices – translation and beyond

From the very beginning of my career of a freelance translator significant part of my workload involved translation of legal texts. Over the years it has developed into regular cooperation with several law offices and practice has shown that such cooperation requires more than just translation. Underneath I have listed some of services I frequently offer to my clients.

  • Transcription – you can even send me files (MP3 or practically any other format), in case of large files you can upload them to my ftp server.
  • Verification of reliability of translation at police station – occasionally clients in criminal cases complain that the transcript from their interview undertaken with a presence of an interpreter, contains information they have not provided (or does not contain those provided).  As these interviews are recorded, in some situations it is worthwhile to check accuracy of translation provided by police interpreter.
  • SMS translation – facilitates short exchange of information when arranging teleconference is impossible or not practical.
  • Email translation – besides traditional translation of emails, I can also provide a separate email account for each of your Polish clients. The emails you send to this account are translated and subsequently forwarded to your client, while you receive translation of your client’s replies.
  • Teleconferences with your client – sometimes when working on a case you feel that a brief conversation with your client would significantly speed up your work. While calling him or her directly is not an option and arranging conference with a presence of an interpreter is costly and time consuming, arranging a teleconference with an interpreter is a perfect solution. Sometimes when your client or witness is in a different city or country arranging a teleconference is the only feasible option.
  • Proactivity – when translating documents, especially handwritten I frequently encounter fragments which are illegible or unclear. In such situations I always try to establish the actual meaning  using a wide range of means – from maps or Google Earth in case of doubts as to the address, to telephone contact with authorities or your client (never without your permission).
  • Help with finding a lawyer in Poland – sometimes either simultaneously with case in the UK or subsequently your client is going to need legal counsel in Poland. I am always happy to help find a reliable lawyer in the required area of Poland and facilitate contact.
  • Opinion regarding Polish law – I have at my disposal both extensive library of resources, computerized database of Polish law (Polish equivalent of Lexis Nexis) with full Polish legislation since 1918 and extensive range of judgements as well as contacts with both practices and academics working at my Alma Mater – University of Poznan. Depending on difficulty of the issue sometimes I can help in minutes, sometimes in hours or in the worst scenario I am always able to get in touch with an expert and assist with language issues along the way.
  • Retyping – while I do not do it myself, I cooperate on regular basis with several persons offering this service both for English and Polish.
  • Statements and other documents filed on behalf of your client - Sometimes you need to familiarize your client with a statement you are writing on his/her behalf – is there not enough time for regular translation – I can either prepare fast translation for information only or explain over the phone
  • Fact-finding - if you need help with gathering facts regarding realities of life in Poland – average prices, salaries, cost of rent, etc. I can provide you with research not just for Poland but even for the particular area you need.